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October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, which was created to recognize the contributions and skills of American employees with disabilities.For many small to midsize businesses, having an employee suddenly become disabled (because of an accident or an illness) can be somewhat daunting if it’s a new experience for the employer.Balinese Hinduism is all about maintaining balance between the physical, spiritual and invisible worlds, and this involves daily offerings.Ata is a type of fern that grows on tall trees in the humid forests of Bali.If the employer isn't prepared to accommodate a disabled employee in their business, they might not have the tools in place necessary to welcome and accommodate the disabled employee when such an illness occurs.As an accommodations specialist at Assurant Employee Benefits, a small to midsize business employee benefits expert, I've created some tips for working with employees who have disabling illnesses or injuries.Hanger Classics offers an affordable luxury for your wardrobe with the largest selection of the finest quality clothing hangers.Select the perfect hanger from any of our various collections and sizes to pamper your garments with gentle care and timeless style. This Spring I was completing a home in California, about 45,000 square feet and I was just putting those special touches on the home. Through my research I was so glad to come across Hanger Classics. I do not hesitate to use them again for my future projects and don't hesitate to recommend them to anyone. Mary Jane I've been a customer of Hanger Classics since 1996.

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Add On Mail has designed PSTStation Corporate to help large organizations to better manage high volumes of PST files.It is as if they figured out the exact proper curvature for the clothing and it really works.In addition, it's a pleasure to look at the hangers and to walk into the closet and see them, everything hangs neatly and orderly.In fact, some employers might not know how to properly accommodate a disabled employee; this can be detrimental to all parties involved.Only ten percent of small employers even know that there is a one in three likelihood of a worker between the ages of 35 and 65 suffering a serious disability, according to a 2002 study by the American Council of Life Insurers.25 destinations and 40 events venues: convention and congress centers, exhibition centers, exclusive venues, concert halls and arenas to host any type of congress, convention, exhibition, sport and corporate event.


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