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Daynes, 19, showed no emotion when he dramatically changed his plea on the opening day of his trial this week – meaning Breck’s parents, teaching assistant Lorin La Fave, 47, and Barry Bednar, 50, an oil trader, may never know why their son was murdered by the disturbed loner.

However, Daynes’s seeming history of grooming other children on the internet – including John – has now been revealed by Paul Suchko, a 16-year-old in Pittsburgh who was an administrator with Daynes on the killer’s server company, Starfield Hosting Solutions.

Everyone should know how to be safe when surfing the web, but internet safety tips and tricks are spread out all over the web without a go-to resource.

Since the majority of internet scam and virus victims are students and young people, Open Colleges is a perfect place to post the very first full guide to being safe on the internet.

The World Wide Web is the greatest invention since the printing press.

Nothing else has so radically shaped culture, media, commerce, entertainment, and communication.

But with these benefits come great dangers all parents should know about.

Breck was stabbed in the neck and killed in what the prosecution described as a “sexually or sadistically motivated attack”.

To stay safe while enjoying the benefits of the internet, you need to be a smart surfer.

Keep a sharp eye out for threats like hackers and cyber-bullies, and keep your personal information secure, and you’ll have a safe internet experience.

Keeping Your Identity Secure Dealing With Cyberbullies Protecting Yourself From Hackers Community Q&A The internet is a great place to make and chat with friends, create websites, learn neat new things, and have an infinite amount of fun.

Unfortunately, the internet has also attracted a new set of predators who will try to get your personal information for their own malicious ends.


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