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The adaptation begins by highlighting the very different upbringings of two young women: Sue (Sally Hawkins) the teenage orphan who is trained as a fingersmith (slang for a petty thief, or pick-pocket) by the crime boss who takes her in; and Maud (Elaine Cassidy), the privileged but repressed member of high society set to inherit a small fortune from her father.

Sue’s humorous, free manner contrasts sharply with Maud’s constricted seriousness.

It’s set to be an explosive second series, what with Deering being thrust head to head against a ferocious and unpredictable matriarch and her volatile son Manni, both part of one of Manchester’s most feared crime families.

Apart from Joanna Scanlan, other regulars back in action are Elaine Cassidy as DC Dinah Kowalska and Alexandra Roach as DS Joy Freers.

The sudden, dazzling arrival of spring has brought a touch of mayhem to the sunny terrace of a north London café.

The shortlisted actors also took part in a screen acting workshop ahead of the event, with their final performances being shown on the night. This was the second year of the new format Spotlight Prize, which now has two categories.

No Offence is back for a second series, and so is Joanna Scanlan as the no-nonsense cop DI Viv Deering.

Elaine Cassidy seems comfortable in the role, displaying repressed emotion through a stony countenance, loosening only when laughing at Sue’s jokes, or dancing with her.

The actress’s greatest achievement early on in the movie is to hint at the better scenes to come, when Maud will finally be able to begin to let go of her seemingly emotionless character.


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