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Luckily, you can now give this card to your boyfriend or husband to thank him for the many roles he fills in your life. Valentine’s Day isn’t just for romantic partners—it’s for the friends you love, too.” (Like one can’t thrive if the other is doing well.) As I told my friend, I know who my Master/Mistress is, and that is not the media, Steve Harvey, or some trifling Negro blasting misogynist curse words at me from his stereo speakers in the name of some other trifling Negro’s alleged musical/artistic license.If you’re in love with someone who can’t help but hog the sheets, consider this card tailor made for your relationship.I will be the first to admit that after a fun night out with friends or a spontaneous day trip to San Francisco, my snaps story tends to get a little long.I don't know what's creepier...getting a direct message on Instagram or having someone spark a conversation on Snapchat messenger.The trouble is everyone has their own strict criteria – they want them tall, dark and handsome.


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