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She seduced him and convinced him that she wanted nothing other than an affair - no strings attached.

He said: “It is such an incredible honour to have my short film officially selected by the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

At Christmas of the same year, Kevin having come to his senses and missing his family, left Natalie and returned to Sally and his children. After finding herself unwanted at the garage, and feeling that it didn't warrant her time, Natalie suddenly showed up in the Rovers working behind the bar.

The regulars were dismayed with this particular barmaid and some refused to drink there.

It is truly one of the prestige film festivals of the world and to think that my film, my first film no less, is now included in the roll call of genuinely great films to have premiered here over the years is quite overwhelming.

Natalie first appeared on Coronation Street in February 1997 after her son Tony, co-owner of MVB Motors, suffered a breakdown due to hitting and killing Joyce Smedley with his car.


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