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Unfortunately, I think you moved it because you don't know the answer.You COULD make LILO work if you installed Fedora as ext3 instead of LVM, since LILO is not updated enough to recognize LVM partitions.If you would like to see more or different functionality in repair_settings.php, please say so in this topic.Thanks,-[Unknown]Download repair_Thanks for your suggestions. The repair_trick, altough very useful to know, didn't work for me and I found that the problem is that I can't log in to My SQL (version 4.0.21, to answer your question) with the user I had created in php My Admin for the SMF database (even though I have assigned all priviledges to it).I'm asking since to be able to do what you suggest repeatedly I would need a more complex script that autogenerates unique but valid MAC adresses. I just spent 30 minutes searching even more for a solution for this.I'm confident that there MUST be a very easy way to achieve what I want, I just can't find out what it is. Is there really no one around that knows the ins and outs of DHCP networking in Ubuntu enough to solve this little issue? But I've been asked to see what I can come up with, and I'm a little stuck.

Simply upload the file, and navigate your browser to: is your forum's URL.)It can change maintenance mode, database-driven sessions, your default forum language, your cookie name, the format of URLs ("index.php/topic,1.0.html" vs. topic=1.0"), your database connection information, and very importantly your URLs and paths.Going by this tutorial: tried to apply the script to the button, but when I go to the button, it says "Current selection cannot have actions applied to it." So I use the code: Though even then, I have no idea how this goes to the button and doesn't just stick to the frame.I know I've done this in the past, but due to acid leaking and me losing all my former .fla's, I have nothing to look at personally that's worked for me. In as3 buttons can not have action script applied to them directly as in as2. For example this is the code for a button called "btnhelmet" in a movie clip called "content Main" to open on release "index.html" in a new window.You may also need to use this file if you change one of the above settings, and your forum stops working properly.While this should not happen often, it is possible, which again is why this tool is provided.How do I in Ubuntu (or even better, on many different Linux varieties) force a new ip on a computer with DHCP without rebooting. well, i guess that your isp assigns the same ip as before because the same mac address requested it.


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