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It is easy to meet Russians and other people living in Russia, keep up with local events, and ask questions (like where to buy taco sauce) through Facebook groups like “St.

Petersburg) on VKontakte or “365 Things to Do in Moscow” on Facebook.

Having a VKontakte profile also makes it easy to exchange information quickly and keep in contact with new friends you meet. Go on blind friend-dates You only need to meet one Russian to open a floodgate for other potential friends!

Ask people if they know anyone they think you might get along with, maybe you share a common interest like sports or a shared hobby, and let them set you up.

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You were taller than Latvia so you figured that was the reason.

You never thought Russia quite got the idea that he was the tallest of the country's. "No sir." You said quickly, wishing to appease him.

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One of the factors study abroad returnees quote as most highly influential in their experience is the relationships they make with locals.

The benefits of making friends with Russians are far-reaching, including everything from language practice to having a couch to crash on next time you’re in town.

You hurried to his room and knocked on the closed door. You sighed softly and went over to his dresser, Your fingertips only brushed against the bottle before a pair of arms snaked around your waist.

There were footsteps, then the door opened to reveal the smiling Russian. Russia lifted you up from behind and started to carry you away from the dresser. He put you on the bed and got on top of you, kissing down your neck. He chuckled against your skin, "Why do you stop yourself? He ran up the stairs with the superman theme song in his head, he would be the hero!


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