Common dating serena 2016

“Despite getting “flirty” with Formula 1 star Lewis Hamilton on Halloween, tennis champ Serena Williams was out a night later with her ex-boyfriend Common,” reports .“A tipster said Williams and the rapper/actor were at Chinese eatery Red Farm on the Upper West Side at 11 p.m.But the underlying factors in the racial comments directed at Williams’ engagement are problematic, and in hotep fashion, lack context around her blackness and how she can be pro-black and yet have a white fiancé.

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Admittedly, it was difficult to recognize the 31-year-old, who dressed as Heath Ledger’s iconic interpretation of Batman nemesis The Joker.” She also has been able to strengthen her bond with her ex-boyfriend Common by having dinner with him in New York.The two previously dated in 2010, but broke up after a year.So, you make the call: Is Common with Regina, Serena or just single?In October, Serena Williams made headlines by appearing to be close and cozy with Lewis Hamilton, attending the Mexican Grand Prix and Halloween party with him.“They were spotted smiling and holding hands just two days earlier at the Mexican Grand Prix,” reports .While Serena and her sister Venus were in their hometown of Compton opening the Yetunde Price Resource Center, Common was caught chatting with his ex in a back room.


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