Accommodating temperture restrictions what questions to ask

Glass Bottom and Snorkel Reservations: (305) 451-6300 Dive Boat Tours and Reservations: (305) 451-6322 or 877-PARK DIVE (877-727-5348) General Information: (305) 451-1202 (Front Gate) Camping Information: (800) 326-3521 Group Tour Reservations (20 people): (305) 451-6316 Boat Slips & Mooring Rates: (305) 451-6325 Does the park accommodate individuals with disabilities? The crew conducts a "how to snorkel" class on the boat for those who have never snorkeled, but you do need to be able to swim.

Air movement is usually measured in m/s while wind speed is usually measured in km/h or mph.

If you do rent our equipment, you will be asked to leave a nominal security deposit.

Wetsuits are recommended when the water temperature dips below 78 degrees F (25 degrees C) -- you can rent these, too.

However, tables are available in literature showing metabolic rates for a variety of activities.

Metabolic heat production is measured in kilo calories (kcal) per hour.


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